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Welcome to WUNZ World Blog!

Genevieve Anderson wearing WUNZ jumpsuit

This is my first blog EVER and I am thrilled to invite you on this journey. It’s a good one.

I’m Genevieve - filmmaker, entrepreneur, mom, activist, artist, and lover of women.

Why Women?

I love women because they are complex, strong, resourceful, beautiful, compassionate and they have the unique ability to solve complex problems through cooperation. Women are magic. Not only for making life itself, but for divining new ideas for new ways of being in the world. We need this magic in our world like never before. WE NEED MORE WOMEN LEADERS, and for that we need new platforms to acknowledge women’s worth and to cultivate our potential.

Why Jumpsuits?

I also love jumpsuits. I always have. I’ve been sewing since I was 10 years old and I’ve been designing the Supersuit for about 20 years. I finally decided to make it when I went through a terrible chapter in my life and needed a superhero outfit to get through it (thus the tiny cape on the back!)


The business emerged out of a strong desire to help people in need. I have chosen to focus on women, and through our partnership with the Los Angeles Mission and the Anne Douglas Center for Women, we are helping through material assistance and mentoring as we figure out what women really need right now and how we can help elevate all women to a new level so they can do their magic.


WUNZ World blog is a way to keep the conversation flowing around what matters to women right now - from big issues about how to have impact to smaller issues around what to wear. A place to come for insight and inspiration. A place to share resources and ideas.


I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts. If you are not someone who identifies as a woman, you are still welcome. I love men, too. A lot. I’m a mother to one. We welcome your input.

Let’s come together and help women shine like never before.

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To Magic,


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