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How Do We Feed Those In Need?

Hello WUNZ World!

For the new year I wanted to shed some light on something that we can contribute to that would benefit those who need it more than we do in these tough times. For this blog I will be talking about the Los Angeles Mission, WUNZ's social enterprise partner. The Los Angeles Mission provides programs and donations for the houseless in the Los Angeles area. Through their initiative they are striving towards finding housing for people on the streets, a better future for those suffering with addiction, and giving opportunities to those who have not had many. Through the weekly food box program, they feed hundreds of people who are struggling to afford food daily.

The 200 food boxes delivered each week are sometimes the only source of food the families receive.

This year I believe we can make change through several different efforts whether it is volunteering, donating, or sharing the message. As someone who was very new to the downtown Los Angeles area a year and a half ago, I did not realize how big the homeless population truly was and I was shocked to see the conditions people were living in. For the first few months it was hard to adjust to this unfamiliar environment where I would have to walk to school or work and see individuals sitting on the sidewalk suffering and trying their best to survive, I felt lots of empathy and sadness that as a college student I could not do much to help and did not know how. After talking with my peers and professors about these feelings I was told I would grow accustomed to just “ignoring” them. That phrase was shocking to me at first, but I eventually became numb to seeing people hungry or struggling with addiction on the streets. After a while I realized this is not a good mindset to have so instead of having that mindset, I decided to start donating whatever I could. My friends also joined me, and we decided to start donating clothes especially as fashion students with an excess of clothes, we knew others could really benefit from those garments. Even though I cannot help every individual I see I can help in small ways and encourage others to do so as well. As we go on with our daily lives, we should pay attention to the people around us and what they are going through.

At the Los Angeles Mission they accept donations consisting of food, clothing, and goods. They also take volunteers if you are interested. My goal for 2023 is to donate either my time or excess clothing at least 5 times next year. I encourage everyone to make a new year goal not only to help ourselves but to also help and spread some love to others!

Check out how you can donate to the Los Angeles Mission here.

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