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WUNZ is an apparel brand and social movement that takes female empowerment to a whole new level. Our core item, the Supersuit, is a high-fashion jumpsuit designed with a tiny red cape on the back to assert that women have stepped into their superhuman skins. And isn’t it about time? Made in the USA with super soft stretch cotton and a flattering cut for most all body types, this suit was built to make you feel your very best and to remind you that you are here to move mountains. This suit is the visual antidote to the fracturing of our progress – we are not going backwards – to the contrary, we are blazing the path of a future where women are center stage.


WUNZ believes in the power of community and the power of business to make impactful change. We are on a mission to build a brand that supports and advances women who have been historically marginalized through our giveback and mentorship program with the Los Angeles Mission. The Supersuit has empowered us to wear on the outside the power we feel and want to express on the inside - the power to make change. We hope it inspires you as well. 


We envision a world where women everywhere are finally acknowledged for leading the way to a more balanced, equitable, and sustainable world. WUNZ endeavors to outfit this movement with style and with impact, building a platform for women to step into, and share, their power in a whole new way.


We are Apparel in Action. We are WUNZ.

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