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Make It Work Program


Impresario is proud to announce the launch of its 1st crowdfunding campaign called "WUNZ Apparel in Action" by our longtime NEW Women's Business Center client and social entrepreneur Genevieve Anderson. Inspired by Tom's Shoes and her own passion to combat homelessness in LA, Genevieve is partnering with @LAMission Anne Douglas Center for Women's Recovery in raising $20,000 to launch her first campaign program called "Make It Work".  Utilizing LA's vast manufacturing resources, "Make It Work" is a job creation program that will teach women and men coming out of homelessness the basics of the manufacturing trade so they can create their own products and bring them to market, supporting not only their personal economic mobility but also strengthening the communities they live in. Impresario is excited to support this campaign as it also showcases the essence of Impresario which provides underserved women and women of color entrepreneurs a no cost alternative to capital access. To support "WUNZ Apparel in Action", please go to Impresario.

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