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The Supersuit

To me, the jumpsuit is the best invention in the history of apparel. From the runway to the chop shop, it can be whatever you want it to be - high fashion, no fashion, and everything in between. The jumpsuit is a blank canvas - so why can't it be an emblem of transformation, for ourselves and the world?

I created the drawings below to invite you into how I designed the Supersuit, and to share with you what went into every detail. I really did make it to help transform my life, imbuing it with the energy of someone believing anything was possible. I want it to be that for you as well - an occasion to try on, if only symbolically, the truest expression of YOU and all you believe is possible.


Gen solo.jpeg
WUNZ Flat w_description FRONT.png
WUNZ Flat w_description BACK.png

Check out what our Supersuit looks like! 

Made locally in Los Angeles, the Supersuit is the only thing in your closest that loves you as much as you love it!

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