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It's Cool to Wear Sustainable

Hello WUNZ World!

We all know that everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses to protect us from the sun's harmful rays, but most people are not aware that the sunglasses industry is bigger than the handbag industry. The size of the sunglasses industry is shockingly big but makes sense as there is a big market for them whether it be for convenience or for people who follow current trends. Because of the size of the sunglasses industry it is almost inevitable for it to be detrimental to our current climate situation. Due to this I want to shed some light on the possibility of shopping from eco-friendly sunglasses brands. These brands have recently found ways to make sunglasses with recycled materials such as plastic bottles. Others use wood or bamboo instead of repurposing plastic.

Even though sunglasses from the top luxury brands tend to be a tempting guilty pleasure I would suggest swapping those out for some eco-friendly shades instead! If eco-friendly sunglasses do not match your style or vibe there is always the option of buying used sunglasses, personally I have bought a few pairs of used sunglasses and not only are they a cheaper alternative, but they also were of exceptional quality. Shopping for used sunglasses is a wonderful way to reduce waste and stay up to date on trends as sunglasses are not as quick to leave the trend as clothing is. Going the used route is also a terrific way to get rid of old sunglasses you may not want anymore, it is a great idea to either donate or resell your sunglasses if they are kept in good condition. Recently vintage sunglasses are also being sought out due to how much they have held up over the years, the materials that were used for sunglasses in the past were a lot more durable and sustainable. Sunglass lenses alone create about 6,000 tons of waste a year, if we can do anything to reduce that we definitely should.

I hope I gave you some helpful information about the sunglasses industry through this blog as this is an industry, I recently learned it is quite big and a big contributor to our global climate crisis. Wishing you the best in 2023 WUNZ World and let’s try for a cleaner planet this year!

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