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Athleisure on the daily

Hello WUNZ World!

There’s a trend I’ve been obsessed with these past few months and that is fitness wear as a staple aka athleisure. These past few months I’ve gone anywhere from the pharmacy to a concert in super comfortable yet stylish and trendy looks. Within my style these looks vary from baggy sweatpants to sports bras with a jacket. Lately what’s trending within athleisure is flared yoga pants, which is understandable since they are extremely flattering for every body type and ensure comfort and elegance. The biggest trick to wearing athleisure in situations that aren’t deemed “appropriate” to do so is to pull it off with simple yet noticeable accessories such as a tight bracelet, everyday silver ring, or sleek sunglasses. With these subtle but noticeable accessory choices you can elevate your athleisure from comfortable casual to everyday elegance, of course with some confidence and rebellion as well.

Personally I do feel a bit restrained by society's standards on dressing up to even go to the grocery store, I’ve decided I cannot put up with that any longer and must be comfortable and fashionable for the sake of my mental health. We all work hard and deserve to decompress from time to time and I’ve learned that just wearing a more comfortable outfit at least a few times a week is really helpful for my mental health, and I do believe that no one really cares as much as I did when wearing that clothing.

athleisure outfit

At the end of the day we all just want to be comfortable in our own skin which is why I think athleisure has had such a big impact on recent trends. Along with the different currently trending accessories within the streetwear market such as headphones, tech wear, beanies, etc this style is everywhere aside from the gym. This is the kind of trend that has somewhat evolved since the 80’s when the fitness craze first started, forty years ago people would go out to do their daily activities in fitness wear making it a normal everyday thing. Of course during the 90’s and 2000’s this has slowed down quite a bit but has had a big revival within recent years with the public getting more interested in a healthy lifestyle and social circles created from fitness activities like Zumba. Although athleisure isn’t for everyone I do believe that it works even at home or just for anyone wanting a more comfortable yet stylish change to their current style.


Let me know down in the comments about your thoughts!

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