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Lynne Twist and the Female Century

I started WUNZ wanting to help solve the homeless crisis. The business has led me to the understanding that the business needs to be about WOMEN. I love men and women in equal measure, but it has become clear that helping to elevate women is the key to solving our world’s problems, homelessness included.

When I came across Lynne’s book, The Soul of Money, I was BLOWN AWAY by her vision and my alignment to it. Her boldness has emboldened my mission, and I am STOKED to give you a small glimpse of it.

Lynne Twist
Lynne Twist

Lynne Twist states what we are feeling but not yet clearly expressing. Our world is in a time of deep rupture, but also a deep emerging wisdom. The 20th century has been dominated by war, fear, and dominance, loss of life, loss of the environment. The 21st century, specifically the decade we’re in, is the defining decade of the century, and perhaps the whole history of life, because everything is at risk – the environment and the depletion of our earth’s resources, the breakdown in governance and the rule of law, the revelation of the systems of colonization, white supremacy, racism, and the systematic abuse of other human beings. All systems based on dominance eventually collapse, which we are seeing. What do we do? Is it over for humans? Not at all. Not yet.

Among the multiple crises is the crisis of the patriarchy and the feminine archetype. As the dominating system dissolves, the divine feminine, rising in both men and women, can begin to take its part in co-equal partnership with the sacred masculine. The 21st century, according to Cherokee wisdom, is the century when the Bird of Humanity, with a male wing and a female wing, comes into balance. The male wing has become so over-developed that it has become violent, while female wing is still turned in, not fully developed. With only one wing developed, the Bird of Humanity has been flying in circles. In the 21st century, which Lynne calls the Sophia Century, the female wing will start to unfold and gain strength, allowing the male wing to relax, bringing the bird into balance so it can finally soar. Sophia is the distinction of the divine feminine, and it’s the divine feminine that will pull us into the next era of the human family where we experience the integration of the heart and mind of our species, and have a relationship with the mother – healthy, nurturing, and in support of life.

The Bird of Humanity
The Bird of Humanity

With the Soul of Money Institute, Lynne works with the realms of ecology and economy with the goal of guiding humans back to remembering our connection to mother nature in order to build sustainability. The masculine and the feminine must work together to find new balance. We are leaving the age of darkness and dominance and entering an age of balance, light, and cooperation. We need to ReSource our relationship with mother earth, and women are the key players – we have the evolutionary leap within us, and we have to step up and play our rightful role in creating the new world.

Lynne asserts the most powerful intervention to end hunger and poverty is elevating the status of women. My commitment with WUNZ is to help elevate women to solve the problem of poverty in our own city and beyond. No one should be living on the street. That we have gotten to this point in our culture is the earmark of a civilization in decline. Women will solve this problem, and to solve this problem, they need platforms that help them vision a prosperous life, give access to resources and networks, and connection to opportunities and experiences that further their development as the leaders the world needs. This is my commitment.


To read more about Lynne Twist’s work:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on ways to help women succeed.

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