WUNZ is a mission-based minimalist fashion brand creating premium quality jumpsuits, apparel basics, and lifestyle goods. Our flagship piece - the Supersuit - sports a tiny red cape on the back as a wink to the superpower in each of us, and a nudge to use that power to get into action. Made in Los Angeles, what sets our jumpsuits and other apparel items apart is our attention to detail - soft, durable fabric, sturdy seams, minky-lined pockets, and, of course, our signature red cape.


WUNZ believes in the power of community and the power of business to make impactful change. We are on a mission to build a brand that spurs a major impact on the homeless crisis through material support, connecting people to services, pathways to employment, and most importantly, building community.  With each purchase, you provide essential items directly to people in need through our partnership with the Los Angeles Mission.  The Supersuit has empowered us to wear on the outside the power we feel and want to express on the inside - the power to make change. We hope it inspires you as well. 


We are Apparel in Action. We are WUNZ.