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Stretch twill utilitarian jumpsuit

Wear it as a declaration that says I AM POWERFUL!

We have plenty of clothes, but we don’t yet have one item of clothing that encourages us to social action in our daily lives. The WUNZ Supersuit is that item – a stylish, utilitarian jumpsuit with a tiny cape on the back that turns our closet into our own personal phone booth. The ethos of this garment is to help lift the fog and get you focused, if only symbolically. You’ll be part of a growing group of women all doing the same thing. It’s time, Ladies! Our hour has come.




  • Shoulder epaulets
  • Breast pockets
  • Front zipper
  • Minky-lined pockets
  • Utility strap
  • Side leg pocket
  • Tiny red cape
  • Elastic waistband
  • Large back pockets
  • Tapered leg


  • Pre-washed Salerno stretch twill
  • Cotton/poly/spandex
  • Cold wash, tumble dry low heat

The WUNZ Supersuit "Stone"

  • Need to return or exchange? No problem!

    We assist you in providing details for the best fit to your measurements. We want the WUNZ Supersuit to be your favorite item of clothing, so if you do need to return it, we’d love to hear what didn’t work for you, and what would make it better.

    The fabric is prewashed, so please don’t wash the suit if you think you need to return it. Try it on and see how it feels. Wear it around the house. Try it on with different shoes! If you need to return or exchange it, please email us within 14 days for instructions and a return label.

    And of course reach out with your comments and questions. We very much want to build a growing base of satisfied WUNZers, so your input means a lot!

  • The fabric is pre-washed so will shrink minimally. Cold wash tumble dry low heat. 

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