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Clara Jacobs

Yarn Artist

Clara Jacobs was born and raised in Romania, where she earned her BA in foreign languages and got her feet wet working in the film industry. It was on the set of Fire and Ice where Clara was working as 2nd AD that she met and fell in love with now Marvel Creative Finishing Supervisor Evan Jacobs. She soon after immigrated to the United States where they married and had two sons, Bryce and Kaeden.


Although Clara started knitting at age 10, it was new motherhood that brought her talents into full bloom. Yarn for Clara is as much about art as function, as yarn transmits feelings and emotions through colors and patterns. The love of art, color, shapes, and juxtapositions inspired her to continue exploring new techniques through mixed media. Her work is inspired by dadaism, surrealism, assemblage art and mosaic. In 2010 she started Funky Gavroche (named after the brave and plucky little boy from Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables) to showcase and sell her one-of-a-kind items:






In her own words:


I truly believe art is the catalyst of bringing people together and of making this word a better place. I truly enjoyed knitting this small collection of hats and mittens not only because knitting something new is fun and exciting, but also because this is knitting for a cause! 


- Clara Jacobs, WUNZ First Featured Artist

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