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Bel Hernandez

Founder/CEO of Latin Heat Media

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Bel Hernandez Castillo is the Founder/CEO of Latin Heat Media, a multi-media and entertainment, and news company. She co-founded the first, and still, only entertainment trade publication focused on Latinos Latin Heat in 1992. She has over 25 years in the entertainment industry, first as an actress then transitioning into entertainment media, as the founder of the first entertainment trade publication focused on Latinos in Hollywood, Latin Heat Entertainment. 

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Through her company, Latin Heat Media, LLC, a multi-media platform focused on Latino content, the company’s mission is to create content by Latinos, about Latinos, for universal audiences. Bel is credited with expanding the coverage of Latinos in Hollywood and collaborated with the publisher of the Hollywood Reporter to promote the “crossover” coverage of Latinos in the established trade.  Her work led to her being named “The Godmother of Latino Hollywood” by Moviemaker magazine and she was invited to serve on the prestigious Peabody Awards Board serving as the first-ever Latina/o Chair of the Board.

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